Sunday, September 21, 2014

Family Photo Time

Just a photo tribute to those I love in Pleebo.  How do I say goodbye to those who opened their arms, hearts, and homes to me during a confusing and (at times) stressful situation?  How do I express my gratitude and appreciation to those who treated me like one of their own, even when I was so radically different or maybe even bizarre compared to their families?  I never can say goodbye to these beautiful people – it is only ever “see you later.” 

I will see you again, Zone 2.  And until then, I will miss you plenty-oh. 

Patricia and I - I am holding her son, Rufus Jr.

Henu, Merdia, and I

Roland and I, with Henu and Ma-E

Georgia & Alexander and family

Cecilia and Hnede

May and I

David, the owner of Real Madrid Teashop, and I

Peter, Ma-E, AB, and I

Hamas and Amadou, Rufus, Jr. and I

June Boy and I

Eliyassa, Merdia, and I

Angel and I

Regina, Muhammad, and I
This woman is the best mother I know.

Muhammad  <3
The poor guy was teething and not too happy this night...

Beatrice and her family

Evelyn, Mieta, Jimmy, and I

Amadou and I

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