Sunday, September 21, 2014

Library Update

Sarah and I have been working hard on our library project now that school has finished for the year.  While she was gone, I emptied out a small storage room in the new space and moved all of the computers, printers, and miscellaneous tech equipment that were being stored in the new room into this storage room.  With the help of a few students, I was able to move everything around in just a few days.

After Sarah returned, we started getting serious about getting our room ready to become a library space.  Students had helped us move six large shelves and three smaller tables into the space from a storage area that was on campus.  We had found twenty broken chairs among the classrooms, and after borrowing a handsaw from a neighbor, we sawed off the broken part and had a chair usable for the tables in our library!

We moved most of the furniture into the new space from the old library and swept up the new room.  Once the room was ready for the contractor to start his work, we moved into the old library and began organizing books so they would be ready to move once the work was done in the new space.

The grant we applied for was for $1500 – a Small Project Assistance grant given to Peace Corps Volunteers through USAID assistance.  It was allocated toward work on the new space – “rogue-proofing” the new space, smoothing out the walls, revamping the chalkboard, repainting the space, and placing new flooring into the room.  We were very excited to get started! 

[Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the money was delayed in reaching us and we were never able to continue this project.  Here’s to hoping the next Volunteers will continue this awesome project!  :) ]

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