Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kakata Goodbyes

Saying goodbye to my home stay family in Kakata was equally as hard during those last few days.  How can I say goodbye to those who welcomed me to Liberia and taught me so much about life in this beautiful country? 

My sisters cried and cried the night that I had to leave them, and I will never forget how hard it was to walk away from Gotumo Town in Kakata for the last time that Tuesday in August.  Thank you, Mulbah family, for all you taught me.  I will see you again…soon.

And to my Peace Corps family - thank you all so much for the wonderful times we shared together during the last 14 months.  You made my time in Liberia unforgettable and I will always remember Liberia in my prayers. 

These truly were the best 14 months of my life.

Ma Cici and I - the best cook in Liberia

ZayZay, the Training Manager, and I

Bernice - she's a great cook too :)

Monica - true beauty right here.

Fatu, Security at Doe Palace, and I

MaDee and I

Sam, the Program Manager, and I

Muna and I

Goma, Doe Palace Staff, and I

Fatu and I

These girls <3

Muna and I

The ladies of Doe :)

My sisters and I

Prince, Safety and Security Manager, and I

Monica and I

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